Selected examples of my nonfiction work include:


Contributing Editor, Girlfriends, 2000-2005 Columnist, "Earworm Weekly," SF Weekly, 2015-present She's An Earworm: The Tubes Reconsidered, SF Weekly, August 19, 2015 The Short Rise and Long Confounding Fall of Michele Shocked, SF Weekly, March 22, 2013 “Scarlet Letters: Tori Amos,” Girlfriends, December 2002 “The Four Faces of k.d. lang,” Girlfriends, December 2002 “The Herstory of Hip-Hop,” Girlfriends, July 2002


Contributing Editor, Fat Girl, 1993-1996 "Breast-feeding: Helping Nature Along," Children’s Advocate, November/December 2001 “Shape Up For Summer…Not!” Girlfriends, September 1999

Sex and Sexuality

Contributing Editor,, 2002-2004 Features Editor, Scarlet Letters, 1999-2000 The Center For Sex And Culture Is Looking For A Home…Again, SexIs, December 13, 2010 Talking To Pre-School Children About Sex, Children's Advocate, September-October 2001


Sustainable Seafood: Bamboo Sushi,, February 2012 "Thinking Outside The Candy Box,", May 25, 2009 USDA Announces People's Garden Project, Fair Food Fight, February 14, 2009 “Elizabeth Falkner, Cake (De)Constructionist,” Curve, November 2007 "Erotic Cookbooks," Libido, Summer 2000


Vanessa Selbst Holds All The Cards, Curve Web Exclusive, 2010 Women's Soccer: The Next Generation, Curve Web Exclusive, 2009 "Plenty of Pain and Gain: Women's Independent Professional Wrestling," Curve, March 2007

Parenting and Children

Talking Gun Safety With Children, Children's Advocate, October 13, 2013 Would You Call My Daughters 'Black and White Twins'? Offbeat Families, November 30, 2011


Crime in Oakland: A Personal History, The Big Click, November 2014 An Open Letter In Response to Some Responses to George Zimmerman's Acquittal, Oakland Local, July 17, 2013 In Remembrance: Bill Brent, Groundbreaking Queer Sex Publisher, Lambda Literary Review, September 12, 2012 Get Outta Town! Atlanta, Tucson, Los Angeles, GO, April 3, 2009 More clips are available on request.