You Don’t Know: Poems for Amanda

So, Amanda Palmer wrote a poem. It was a bad poem. It was about the bombing of the Boston Marathon. Sort of. Kinda. Maybe. Because it was bad, see, so it was hard to tell.

The poem is here.

There’s nothing wrong with writing a bad poem, per se, btw. I’ve written many myself.

Then Amanda Palmer wrote a blog post defending/explaining her poem and getting all excited that April was National Poetry Month and here she had singlehandedly prompted a huge discussion about poetry and isn’t that neat and wonderful and what art is supposed to do? Not bad for a poem she wrote in only 9 minutes, eh? And the Internet collectively rolled its eyes in disgust.

That post is here

Actually the Internet collectively freaked out in a dozen different directions, some of them less than pleasant and some of them entirely on-point. As the Internet does.

Meanwhile, amidst the roar of the commenting classes, Daphne Gottlieb suggested that a bunch of writers each take a line from Palmer’s poem and write a better poem from it. “Like flowers from mud” is how I believe she may have phrased it.

So we did. 23 of us did, anyway. And then we took all the poems and put them together in a spiffy PDF chapbook called “You Don’t Know: Poems for Amanda.”

It’s a pretty awesome chapbook, if I do say so myself. And hey, I am responsible for at most only 1/23 of it.

And now you can have your very own PDF copy of this spiffy chapbook by donating to the West, Texas relief fund.

Any amount will do. Send a receipt to me (use the comment form or e-mail lori dot selke at gmail dot com) and I will send you the file.

Why are we donating to West? Because Boston has money pouring in already, and disaster relief fundraising for West is lagging behind. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

So who else is involved in this little project? Let me name-drop for just a moment here:

Geoff Kagan Trenchard
Rachel Brod
Blythe Baldwin
Sean Patrick Mulroy
Ryk McIntyre
Cynthia French
Karen Garrabrant
Baruch Porras-Hernandez
Phil West
Erin Nichole Handy
Justin Bagnall
Daphne Gottlieb
Gabe Moses
Brian S. Ellis
Tony Brown
Missy Dugan
Rachel Kann
Lori Selke
Morris Stegosaurus
Caroline Ryder
Sam Sax
Steven Schwartz
Jackie Simmons

My poem is called “you don’t know how your life managed to move twenty six miles forward and twenty eight miles back” — that’s the line from Palmer’s poem, yup — and it’s about numbers. Letters and numbers and sharp things like that.

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Very Short Fiction: A Story For A Buck

Something new I’m trying, mostly for fun:

I will write anyone who asks an original 20-word short story for a dollar. Five bucks gets you 100 words. This offer is open indefinitely.

Very Short Stories

Include your e-mail address for delivery. Delivery time averages about a week.

P.S. If PayPal doesn’t work for you, let me know and we’ll see if we can work something out.

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Outlaw Bodies is out!

Outlaw Bodies, a science fiction anthology I co-edited with Djibril Al-Ayad for The Future Fire, is out and available in both print and e-book form.

It has a gorgeous cover:

Outlaw Bodies cover

And here’s the blurb:

“The anthology contains nine stories and an essay, six of which are also featured here in this special issue of TFF, all about bodies that are trangressive, unexpected, disapproved of, repressed, attacked, degraded, upgraded, controlled, modified, neglected or traded-in for a better or less discomforting model.

The protagonists (or in some cases antagonists) in these stories are outlaws because their bodies are controlled, sanctioned or licensed in some way, because they don’t fit or they need to be made to fit social norms, or because they have decisions made about their bodies that are outside of their control. They are androids, models, women, disabled, queer, monsters, kinky, unhappy, mutants or artificial intelligences. They are all recognisable, either as echoes of or as metaphors for our world, ourselves, our bodies.”

The Future Fire has all the details on where and how to get a copy of your very own.

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Demon Lovers: Succubi

I have a story in the anthology Demon Lovers: Succubi, just released in eBook form today. Check it out! Here’s the blurb for “Lily in Bloom”:

“Cravings and desires that must be fed: it is a succubus’ nature. Lily and her friends have no problem with their natures, but there are other considerations in play these days. To feed on someone is to destroy them, and in this modern day and age, that could cause…repercussions. The politics of Hell and the mandate to keep a low profile made things a lot more difficult for succubi than they used to be.

Difficult enough, in fact, that the Demonic Ladies Knitting and Archery Society support group is always fully attended. Lily goes religiously, or as religiously as any demon can. She tries to take only what she needs. She tries to confine her attentions to those foolish men who don’t realize that this time, she’s the predator and they’re the prey.

But there is so much temptation all around. What’s a succubus to do?”

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Perverts Put Out! May 12

I’m reading at:

The Maypolar Disorder Edition

A springtime celebration of the rising sap, featuring brilliant performances by Greta Christina, Midori, T. R. Moss, Thomas Roche, Sam Sax, Lori Selke, horehound stillpoint, and Mollena Williams, co-hosted by Carol Queen and Simon Sheppard.We can guarantee it’ll be good, dirty, vernal, venereal fun!

Saturday, May 12, 7:30 pm
The Center for Sex and Culture
1349 Mission Street, San Francisco
$10 – 20 sliding scale, no-one turned away. A benefit for the CSC.

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Lost Girls and Others — Order Now!

It’s finally here!

Now available: Lost Girls and Others — Erotica by Lori Selke

Order here!

“Lori Selke’s erotic mind, like the stories that issue from it, is diverse, ironic, fearless, perverse, and smoking hot!” -Carol Queen, author, The Leather Daddy and the Femme.

“Lost Girls and Others luxuriates in the lives and stories of iconic gender stereotypes, celebrating multiple genres, subverting clichés and turning them wickedly inside out. She inhabits the lives and loves of silent film stars, inserts lesbian twists into spaghetti westerns, delivers consumer product evaluation for the home pornstar network, not to mention hard boiled femme noire, and even Asian cuisine for foot fetishists. A sumptuous package of clever women having delicious, dangerous fun.” -Wade Heaton, author, The Daphne Trilogy.

The Robber Girl
The Bachelor Party
The Secret Life of Mr. Clean
Sex and the Married Dyke
Diary of a Lost Girl
Ruth, Roses, and Revolvers
The Call Girl Detective
Car Trouble
The Cucumber
At the Pageant, The Vamp
Kiss and Tell
Southern Girls
The Snow Queen
& other stories

“A true original; startling, strong and damn sexy. What a joy to see this new collection to entice a new generation of readers.” -Laura Antoniou, author, The Marketplace

“Lori Selke is a sick fuck, which is a good thing, and she doesn’t hesitate to express that in a ferociously literate way…which is even better.” –Simon Sheppard, author, Hotter Than Hell

“One of the most honest and unapologetic erotic writers in the US market. Her work challenges you to do that thing that we all would rather not do, she makes you hot and thoughtful at the same time.” –Robert Lawrence, President, the Center for Sex and Culture

Available in both e-book and paperback at:
Renaissance e-Books
Barnes & Noble

and, of course, your favorite independent bookstore.

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Call for Submissions: Outlaw Bodies

Call for Submissions: Outlaw Bodies
a themed anthology from The Future Fire

The “Outlaw Bodies” issue of The Future Fire will gather together stories about the future of human bodies that break boundaries—legal, societal, biological, more.

In the future, what sorts of bodies will be expected and which will violate our expectations—of gender, of ability, of appearance, of functionality? What technological interventions with the “natural” body will be available, expected, discouraged, restricted, forbidden? How will societies ensure conformance to their expectations—through law, through which incentives and disincentives? How will individuals who do not conform to embodied expectations (by choice or otherwise) make their way in these future worlds?

The anthology seeks stories that interrogate these questions from feminist, disability rights, queer, postcolonial and other social-political perspectives, especially intersectional ones, for a special issue on the theme of “Outlaw Bodies,” to be guest co-edited by Lori Selke.

Word count is flexible, but we are unlikely to accept any story over 10,000 words. Send your stories as an attachment to: We prefer .doc, .docx, .rtf or .odt files—query first for any other format.

Deadline: May 1, 2012.
Payment: $35/story.

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Guest Blogging

I have been doing some guest blogging here and there. Most recently, I have a post up at Offbeat Mama:

“Would You Call My Daughters ‘Black and White Twins’?”

I’m also posting about once a month at Good Vibrations Magazine on sex and parenting issues, in their “Sexy Mama” section.

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Still here!

Look for exciting new publishing news Real Soon Now. Fingers crossed.


a) I’ve joined Twitter. I’m @FakeLoriSelke.


b) I’m blogging at Good Vibratons Magazine about sex and parenting.

That should keep you occupied for a while. Yes?

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A short procedural note

All of my blog posts that mention the word S-E-X (and there are a few, b/c one of the things I write about — not infrequently, but not exclusively — is S-E-X) are getting targeted by spammers after they’re more than a few weeks old. As this blog is pretty low-traffic (both ways), I’m coping by closing comments after a certain amount of time. If this is a problem for some reason, drop me a line via e-mail..

(Now if someone could just tell me why all the spam, considering the context, is about antifungals, auto insurance, and diet pills…)

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