I am no longer a columnist for the SF Weekly.

Actually I haven't been writing for the SF Weekly since the end of September. But that's OK, you can sign up for my Earworm of the Month Club newsletter instead. In the meantime, you can read stuff I said about bacon, or stay tuned for some fiction forthcoming from Nightmare magazine. Or play a bunch of Anki SuperTrucks and savor the dialog, most of which I wrote. Really!
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I am now a columnist for the SF Weekly!

Check out my new "Earworm Weekly" column at the SF Weekly! I am having a ball writing these columns and I'm ridiculously happy to be back on the regular music beat.
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Crime in Oakland: A Personal History

I have a personal essay up at the Big Click: Crime in Oakland: A Personal History. It's exactly as the label on the jar describes.
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My Latest Project

Look closely... 10622778_10152796647238646_470690771793362231_n
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A Shout-out in Oakland Local!

Found in Oakland Local: "Oakland-based author Lori Selke produces some very fresh, interesting fiction, a fair amount of it sci-fi, a fair amount of it a full panopoly of queer-focused, a lot of it feminist, and all of it unique and engaging. Some of her work has been published in books put out (so to speak) by the below-mentioned publishing houses, but much, much more is available from so many sources that the best place to look for a complete list — and check out the sheer diversity of titles reflecting an extraordinary erotic mind — is on her website." Aw, shucks, folks! This is a lovely holiday gift. Thanks to the folks at Oakland Local for the shout-out.
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The XY Conspiracy Is Out! E-book and Print Both Available!

Yes! Exclamation points! I am excited. My novella "The XY Conspiracy," the one that I fondly call my stripper UFO road-trip book, is out from Aqueduct Press. Print version is $9.00, e-book is $5.95. Learn all about bird genetics, environmental estrogen mimics, and the job hazards of strippers on the road -- glitter burn, butt pimples, state troopers, and Men in Black. Tell me what you think!
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The XY Conspiracy: Another Preview

As part of the "Conversation Pieces" series at Aqueduct Press: XY-cover Why Are There No Women in Black? Jyn, an Asian-American lesbian, makes her living stripping in clubs in San Francisco. But stripping is only her day job. Her true vocation is UFO hunting. One night, working at her day job, she sights a Man in Black and realizes he is stalking her.
But why would they be after me? Sure, I’d posted a few things on various message boards, and, like everyone else these days, I had a blog and a mailing list that I was supposed to send monthly newsletters to, except it was more like quarterly. My correspondents didn’t know about the day job, though. How had they found me? Why did they care? Unless I was onto something? Unless I was right? My theories aren’t entirely orthodox within the UFO community, after all. Maybe I had accidentally stumbled on something a little too hot, a little too close to closely-held secrets that I’m not supposed to question or suppose.
Jyn’s “not entirely orthodox theories” involve the origins and history of the Y chromosome. The next day, Jyn packs up her car and sets off on an extended road trip—part “serious UFO tourism” and part flight from the MIB—that takes her though a variety of western states, stripping in clubs and bars as she goes, drawn, inexorably, to New Mexico... ISBN: 978-1-61976-046-2 (13 digit) Publication Date: October 2013
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Coming Soon: The XY Conspiracy

For my next trick: a novella from Aqueduct Press titled "The XY Conspiracy." It's about road trips, UFOs, sex work and the West. It should be out in October 2013, and of course I will post details on how to get it (and a cover!) as soon as I have them. In the meantime, you can amuse yourself with my bio.
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So, uh, I made Oakland Local this morning.
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You Don’t Know: Poems for Amanda

So, Amanda Palmer wrote a poem. It was a bad poem. It was about the bombing of the Boston Marathon. Sort of. Kinda. Maybe. Because it was bad, see, so it was hard to tell. The poem is here. There's nothing wrong with writing a bad poem, per se, btw. I've written many myself. Then Amanda Palmer wrote a blog post defending/explaining her poem and getting all excited that April was National Poetry Month and here she had singlehandedly prompted a huge discussion about poetry and isn't that neat and wonderful and what art is supposed to do? Not bad for a poem she wrote in only 9 minutes, eh? And the Internet collectively rolled its eyes in disgust. That post is here Actually the Internet collectively freaked out in a dozen different directions, some of them less than pleasant and some of them entirely on-point. As the Internet does. Meanwhile, amidst the roar of the commenting classes, Daphne Gottlieb suggested that a bunch of writers each take a line from Palmer's poem and write a better poem from it. "Like flowers from mud" is how I believe she may have phrased it. So we did. 23 of us did, anyway. And then we took all the poems and put them together in a spiffy PDF chapbook called "You Don't Know: Poems for Amanda." It's a pretty awesome chapbook, if I do say so myself. And hey, I am responsible for at most only 1/23 of it. And now you can have your very own PDF copy of this spiffy chapbook by donating to the West, Texas relief fund. Any amount will do. Send a receipt to me (use the comment form or e-mail lori dot selke at gmail dot com) and I will send you the file. Why are we donating to West? Because Boston has money pouring in already, and disaster relief fundraising for West is lagging behind. It seemed like a good idea at the time. So who else is involved in this little project? Let me name-drop for just a moment here: Geoff Kagan Trenchard Rachel Brod Blythe Baldwin Sean Patrick Mulroy Ryk McIntyre Cynthia French Karen Garrabrant Baruch Porras-Hernandez Phil West Erin Nichole Handy Justin Bagnall Daphne Gottlieb Gabe Moses Brian S. Ellis Tony Brown Missy Dugan Rachel Kann Lori Selke Morris Stegosaurus Caroline Ryder Sam Sax Steven Schwartz Jackie Simmons My poem is called "you don’t know how your life managed to move twenty six miles forward and twenty eight miles back" -- that's the line from Palmer's poem, yup -- and it's about numbers. Letters and numbers and sharp things like that.
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