The XY Conspiracy, a road-trip novella featuring strippers, UFOs and a heaping helping of biological speculation on the origins of human sexual difference. Available from Aqueduct Press.


Lost Girls and Others, collected queer erotica, available from Sizzler Editions.

Lost Girls cover

Outlaw Bodies, co-edited with Djibril Al-Ayad, science fictional stories about body repression and transgression, available from The Future Fire.

Outlaw Bodies cover

Selected Links

A Head in a Box, Or, Implications of Consciousness After Decapitation, Nightmare Magazine

“Lily in Bloom,” Demon Lovers: Succubi

Anthology Builder)

Cocksucker,” Fishnet

“At The Pageant, The Vamp,” Women of the Bite

“Ruth, Roses, and Revolvers,” Velvet Park

Complete List

(In alphabetical order by title)

“All His Joy,” Midsummer Nights Dreams (Kasak), reprinted in Like A Midsummer Night: Erotic Shakespeare (Circlet Press)
“At The Pageant, The Vamp,” Women of the Bite (Ravenous Romance/Alyson)
“The Bachelor Party,” Best Bisexual Erotica 2 (Black Books)
“Big Girls, Little Girls,” Zaftig (Cleis Press)
“Boy’s Night Out,” Genderflex (Circlet Press)
“The Call Girl Detective,” Spicy Slipstream Stories (Lethe Press)
Cocksucker,” Fishnet (also appears in Tasting Him and More Five Minute Erotica)
Dead Nude Girls,” Strange Horizons
“The Collar,” Leatherwomen 3 (Kasak)
“The Cucumber,” Sex Spoken Here (Down There Press)
“Diary of a Lost Girl, Part One,” Glamour Girls (Haworth)
“The Dodo Factory,” Asimov’s (also available at Anthology Builder)
“The Exquisite Hairpiece,” Journal of Pulse-Pounding Narratives #2
“The Future A-Z: Android,” Other Magazine #9
“The Future A-Z: Identity,” Other Magazine #9
“Kiss and Tell,” Fucking Daphne (Seal Press)
“Lily in Bloom,” Demon Lovers: Succubi (Storybones Publishing)
“Max,” Best Bisexual Erotica (Black Books Press)
“Real Redheads,” Five Minute Erotica(Running Press)
“The Robber Girl,” Ultimate Lesbian Erotica 2005 (Alyson)
Ruth, Roses, and Revolvers,Best Lesbian Erotica 2002 (Cleis Press), , reprinted at Velvet Park
“The Secret Life of Mr. Clean,” Velvet Mafia (also available in Stirring Up A Storm)
“Sex and the Single Dyke,” Homewrecker (Soft Skull Press)
Shrimping,” Getting It
“The Snow Queen,” Dyke The Halls (Circlet Press)
“Southern Girls,” Tough Girls (Black Books)
“Test Driving The Celebrity Cock,” Bottoms Up (Soft Skull Press)
“Turnabout,” Dreams of Decadence
“Vanishing,” Say, Aren’t You Dead?