A Story For A Buck

Send me a dollar, and I will send you an original 20-word short story. Five bucks gets you 100 words.

The story is yours, and mine, together forever. You may do with it as you like, and I can do with it as I like, but I won’t re-sell it to someone else as part of this offer, ever. Your story will be unique, custom, one of a kind.

I accept payment via PayPal:

Very Short Stories

Include your e-mail address for delivery. Expect results in as little as one week.

P.S. If PayPal doesn’t work for you, let me know and we’ll see if we can work something out.

Here is a sample 100-word story:

The Night Market

The city teemed with night markets, and day markets as well. Every roundabout, every park and plaza and public square hosted its own gathering for merchants, daily or weekly or scheduled by some obscure calendar or custom. This night market, like many, had a specialty. Hosted in colorful tents pitched between the library and the lake, the night market dealt exclusively in intangible things. A song. A poem. A whiff of perfume. A breeze, tied in ribbon. A glimpse of something forbidden and hidden. A reputation, destroyed or restored. Your choice. Your guess as to which cost more.