Outlaw Bodies is out!

Outlaw Bodies, a science fiction anthology I co-edited with Djibril Al-Ayad for The Future Fire, is out and available in both print and e-book form.

It has a gorgeous cover:

Outlaw Bodies cover

And here’s the blurb:

“The anthology contains nine stories and an essay, six of which are also featured here in this special issue of TFF, all about bodies that are trangressive, unexpected, disapproved of, repressed, attacked, degraded, upgraded, controlled, modified, neglected or traded-in for a better or less discomforting model.

The protagonists (or in some cases antagonists) in these stories are outlaws because their bodies are controlled, sanctioned or licensed in some way, because they don’t fit or they need to be made to fit social norms, or because they have decisions made about their bodies that are outside of their control. They are androids, models, women, disabled, queer, monsters, kinky, unhappy, mutants or artificial intelligences. They are all recognisable, either as echoes of or as metaphors for our world, ourselves, our bodies.”

The Future Fire has all the details on where and how to get a copy of your very own.

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