Demon Lovers: Succubi

I have a story in the anthology Demon Lovers: Succubi, just released in eBook form today. Check it out! Here’s the blurb for “Lily in Bloom”:

“Cravings and desires that must be fed: it is a succubus’ nature. Lily and her friends have no problem with their natures, but there are other considerations in play these days. To feed on someone is to destroy them, and in this modern day and age, that could cause…repercussions. The politics of Hell and the mandate to keep a low profile made things a lot more difficult for succubi than they used to be.

Difficult enough, in fact, that the Demonic Ladies Knitting and Archery Society support group is always fully attended. Lily goes religiously, or as religiously as any demon can. She tries to take only what she needs. She tries to confine her attentions to those foolish men who don’t realize that this time, she’s the predator and they’re the prey.

But there is so much temptation all around. What’s a succubus to do?”

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