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Now available: Lost Girls and Others — Erotica by Lori Selke

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“Lori Selke’s erotic mind, like the stories that issue from it, is diverse, ironic, fearless, perverse, and smoking hot!” -Carol Queen, author, The Leather Daddy and the Femme.

“Lost Girls and Others luxuriates in the lives and stories of iconic gender stereotypes, celebrating multiple genres, subverting clichés and turning them wickedly inside out. She inhabits the lives and loves of silent film stars, inserts lesbian twists into spaghetti westerns, delivers consumer product evaluation for the home pornstar network, not to mention hard boiled femme noire, and even Asian cuisine for foot fetishists. A sumptuous package of clever women having delicious, dangerous fun.” -Wade Heaton, author, The Daphne Trilogy.

The Robber Girl
The Bachelor Party
The Secret Life of Mr. Clean
Sex and the Married Dyke
Diary of a Lost Girl
Ruth, Roses, and Revolvers
The Call Girl Detective
Car Trouble
The Cucumber
At the Pageant, The Vamp
Kiss and Tell
Southern Girls
The Snow Queen
& other stories

“A true original; startling, strong and damn sexy. What a joy to see this new collection to entice a new generation of readers.” -Laura Antoniou, author, The Marketplace

“Lori Selke is a sick fuck, which is a good thing, and she doesn’t hesitate to express that in a ferociously literate way…which is even better.” –Simon Sheppard, author, Hotter Than Hell

“One of the most honest and unapologetic erotic writers in the US market. Her work challenges you to do that thing that we all would rather not do, she makes you hot and thoughtful at the same time.” –Robert Lawrence, President, the Center for Sex and Culture

Available in both e-book and paperback at:
Renaissance e-Books
Barnes & Noble

and, of course, your favorite independent bookstore.

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